Tips on contact lens hygiene

Contact lenses give your eyes the perfect vision. But, if not maintained adequately, it might also damage your eyes. Therefore, it is very important that you follow proper guidelines to keep your lens free from any contamination. There are some Contact Lens Hygiene Tips that you need to follow to protect your eyes from any infection or blurred vision.


To maintain proper hygiene of your eyes, you must first make your lens infection-free. Wearing a contaminated pair of contact lenses would develop an eye infection, which might result in redness, burning, or blurred vision. Consult a doctor, and only after that, you must put on your lenses.

For the better hygiene of your eyes and lenses, you must not wear other person's lenses. This might invite infection from the other person's eyes to yours.

You must put in your lenses before applying to make up to prevent contamination of your contact lenses. The same Hygiene tip should be followed while removing your lenses. First, you must remove your make up properly and then wash your hands. You must avoid using a moisturizing soap to wash your hands as it might result in protein deposits on your lenses. Do not forget to dry your hands properly before removing your lenses from your eyes.

If you have been using Frequency 55 lenses for a long time, you will be disappointed to know that, after your stock will finish, you can’t buy this lens again. But now you can get Frequency 55 replacement easily as different companies are producing aspheric lens with all the features Frequency 55 has.

No matter you are using a Frequency lens or another one, daily cleaning and rinsing of lenses are an integral part. You can get the multipurpose solution for disinfecting, cleaning, washing, and storing the lenses. Saline solutions, daily cleaners, and hydrogen peroxide solutions are also available in the market. There are many options for cleansing and rinsing your lens, but you must consult your eye doctor before you chose the right solution.

Besides, hygiene tips must also be followed while storing your lenses. After disinfecting your lenses by the cleaning solutions, you must store them in a new solution. You must also clean the contact lens case daily with hot water or a sterile solution and leave it to dry.

For the similar type of lens of Frequency 55, the hygiene tips are the same. As these can be worn for a long time, regular eye care is also necessary for the users.